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Supercharging your Workload Defenses - Getting Started


If you are attending the re:Inforce Builder Session FND305 - Supercharging your workload defenses with AWS WAF, Amazon Inspector, and AWS Systems Manager, AWS has already deployed the CloudFormation stack. Click the drop down directly below for more information about the Event Engine.

Click here if you're at an AWS event where the Event Engine is being used
  1. Click here to open the Event Engine dashboard in a separate browser tab.
  2. Enter the team hash code that you were provided and click Proceed..
  3. Click AWS Console.
  4. Click Open Console.
  5. Make sure you are in the correct region.
  6. Go to the CloudFormation console.
  7. Click here to proceed to the Assess phase.

Create or Identify Exisitng AWS account

In order to complete these workshops, you'll need a valid, usable AWS Account. Use a personal account or create a new AWS account to ensure you have the necessary access and that you do not accidentally modify corporate resources. Do not use an AWS account from the company you work for.

Note About Workshop and AWS Account

We stronly recommend that you use a non-production AWS account for this workshop such as a training, sandbox or personal account.

Create an admin user

If you don't already have an AWS IAM user with admin permissions, please use the following instructions to create one:

  1. Browse to the AWS IAM console.
  2. Click Users on the left navigation and then click Add User.
  3. Enter a User Name, check the checkbox for AWS Management Console access, enter a Custom Password, and click Next:Permissions.
  4. Click Attach existing policies directly, click the checkbox next to the AdministratorAccess, and click Next:review.
  5. Click Create User
  6. Click Dashboard on the left navigation and use the IAM users sign-in link to login as the admin user you just created.

Add credits (optional)

If you are doing this workshop as part of an AWS sponsored event, you will receive credits to cover the costs. Below are the instructions for entering the credits:

  1. Browse to the AWS Account Settings console.
  2. Enter the Promo Code you received (these will be handed out at the beginning of the workshop).
  3. Enter the Security Check and click Redeem.

Click here to proceed to the Build Phase.